Evolve Cosmetics Clean Face Cloths




A pure, 100% natural, single-use, and biodegradable cloth for all skin types that can be used to remove makeup, cleanse, exfoliate, and more! Fragrance-free and chemical-free, they're also free of the unwanted germs that can build up on a typical face cloth and harm your skin. 

Clean Face Cloths are made of 100% natural eucalyptus harvested from sustainably-managed plantations. The eucalyptus is then processed into a viscose fibre that is pressed into a Clean Face Cloth.

The spun-lace, non-woven fibre of the Clean Face Cloths is durable and versatile. Absorbing water at a faster rate than most fabrics, the Clean Face Cloth is fully saturated when it comes in contact with your skin. It is also breathable and allows for air to pass through it, keeping your skin cool and minimizing irritation. 

50 cloths in a box - approximately 10x12"


100% Natural
No harsh chemicals, bleaches or dyes
Biodegradable and compostable
Dermatologist Recommended


Use wet or dry
Use wet to remove makeup before cleansing
Use wet to remove cleanser
Use dry to dry after cleansing


natural viscose fibre

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